7 Ways to Stop the Summer Slide

Get inspired with 7 awesome ways to beat "brain drain" this summer.
By Teri Cettina



7 Ways to Stop the Summer Slide

Kids can lose some serious ground in reading and math over the break thanks to the dreaded summer slide. But not this year! These super-easy activities are guaranteed to keep your child’s mind powered up all season long. 

1. Sneak in Some Science

Try these 3 easy experiments that will give kids a lesson in biology and physics.

2. Kid-Friendly Summer Goals

Want to give your kiddo a head start on homework? Have her learn time-management skills when school's not in session.

3. Start a Kids’ Book Club

Whether your child's a bookworm or a struggling reader, sharing a book with others is way more fun than reading solo.

4. Easy Ways for Families to Exercise

These tips will make it easy for your whole fam to slip in a workout in the back yard or the park.

5. Make Any Car Trip Go Faster

You won't have to hear a constant chorus of "Are we there yet?" with these apps and old-school counting games.

6. Flash Cards That Make Learning Fun

These brain-building cards have plenty of puzzles, quizzes, and fun facts to amuse your little learner, no matter what grade she's in.

7. Skill-Boosting Board Games

All board games can teach kids to focus and follow directions. But these games are tops for teaching many classroom-worthy skills at the same time.

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