5 Ideas For Keeping Kids Motivated

Find ways to keep your middle schooler motivated.




  1. Encourage academic and career goals: Talk to your child about his favorite subjects and help him make the school-career connection early on. Plan family activities that connect with what he is studying in school to emphasize real-world connections to academics.
  2. Set high expectations: Show your child that hard work is rewarded; kids who believe effort and achievement go together perform better academically. Set up a contract with him to complete his schoolwork before going out or turning on the TV.
  3. Praise successes: Positive reinforcement builds confidence and academic interest.
  4. Beware of put-downs: Criticism can damage your pre-teen's fragile self-esteem and make her less willing to challenge herself.
  5. Encourage kids to write whenever possible: Writing letters, e-mails, and thank you notes will help develop crucial writing skills.

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