A Sleigh Full of Christmas Books

Amy Kraft
Dec 21, 2012
While I celebrated the one Hanukkah book I was sent to review this year, a whole sleigh full of Christmas books arrived. So goes the season, right? OK, I confess, I even did some work on a couple Christmas books myself. How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas? by Jane Yolen We learned how Dinosaurs celebrated Hanukkah, and now we can learn how they celebrate Christmas. Do dinosaurs peek at their presents, or take ornaments off the tree? Do they sloppily eat the cookies left out for St. Nick? No way. Dinosaurs go caroling, and help trim the tree, and give grandparents Christmas Eve wishes. That’s what good little dinosaurs do. Adventures in Cartooning: Christmas Specialby James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost At Olive’s birthday party this year, our party favors were Muji pens and copies of theAdventures in Cartooning Activity Book. Now we’re treated to the Christmas Special where Santa laments that kids no longer want the toys from his workshop or the printed page. But then he thinks, “Comics!” and blammo! Who should appear but the Magical Cartooning Elf. We’re treated to a great comic adventure that ends with a Christmas miracle. Kids put down their video games and start drawing comics! (Ordinarily I don’t like seeing video games pitted as the bad guy, but this book is funny enough that I’ll allow it.) Elfbot by Joey and Maria Andrade OK, so I did a bit of consulting on this book about Santa’s greatest invention, Elfbots. You know Elfbots, right? The robots designed by Santa that make toys? This story follows one of these Elfbots as he discovers he wants tobe the toy, notmakethe toys. This book, available for Nook Kids is going to be a geek classics, not just for the robots, but because it stars Mark Hamill as Santa and Jane Lynch as the Head Elf. Dudes, you heard me right… Luke Skywalker and Sue Sylvester! Christmas Elf by Sharon Bilman Another Nook Book I worked on this year is this sweet book by my good friend, Sharon Bilman. Sam is counting down the days until Santa comes, and he decides to be a Christmas Elf to help Mom and Dad with all of the Christmas things that need doin’. Making cookies, trimming the tree, hanging the lights, and of course, writing a letter to Santa. Pete the Cat Saves Christmasby Eric Litwin and James Dean When Santa gets sick, who does he call to save Christmas? Pete the Cat! Until this book I was not familiar with Pete the Cat, but judging by his surfboard and minibus, he seems like a cool customer. He loads up the minibus with presents and hitches up to the reindeer team. Totally groovy. Even though he’s small, Pete gives Christmas his all. There’s even a little song about it. My Beastly Book of Tangled Tinselby Christine Roussey You may already know this about me, but I’m a sucker for doodle books like this. More than a coloring book, this beastly book has ideas for a Christmas Every Day petition, a prompt to draw a snow goat, and a place under a halo to draw yourself to prove to Santa how good you’ve been this year. Santa on the Loose!by Bruce Hale If you’ve given up looking for Waldo, you can try to find Santa in the dense, Christmasy illustrations by Dave Garbot. With Santa you’ll find on each page you’ll find a clue. Add up those clues to find out … who stole the toys at the North Pole! Duh… duh… duh…. How’s that for leaving Christmas on a cliffhanger?