Find & Rhyme Gross Motor Rhyming Game

Allison McDonald
Apr 29, 2013
Getting my son learning after school isn’t always easy because he’s just been at school all day! This rhyming game was originally supposed to be a Frisbee like game with the hula hoops acting as targets but my dollar store plates were too light and even doubled up wouldn’t fly well. So we turned it into a hunt and my daughter came along for the ride and everyone had fun . You could adapt this easily for different levels using upper and lowercase as pairs to match, sight words ( writing out two and finding the match) or word families. Even though my almost 3 year old participated this activity is part of our Learning After School series . This series is filled with ideas for fun active learning after school gets out. Gather your materials. You will need some cheap plastic plates ( just don’t expect them to be good Frisbee… ) , a sharpie and some hula hoops. Start by writing some words on the plates. I chose 4 words that offered lots of rhyming words. Bake, car, band and hat. Write out many rhyming words for each as you think will challenge your kids just the right amount. You can always have a few extra on hand to hide on the go if your kids are into it and the end is near. Place the anchor words ( bake, car, band and hat) in the hula hoops. Hide the other plates. Get your kids ready – I had my son agree that he’d let his sister find her share and not zoom through and grab them all . He also offered up his reading and rhyming skills to help. I wasn’t sure how it would play out … if you are doing this with a number of children with similar rhyming and reading abilities a great way to do it is to start each child off with a different word and have them search only for words that rhyme with their word. * Whenever I am explaining rules I start with a quick game of Simon Says. It gets them focused. It was great. He needed a reminder not to grab all the plates but one reminder was enough. They would find a plate, run over and match the rhymes. She got a few solo and he would do his in his head throwing them down fast. But then when she was stumped he took time to help his sister saying things like ” Do you hear they sound the same? Cake and bake rhyme.” It was still pretty much over her head but he got great practice being patient and teaching her. You can see him stretching out the words for her as a hint. Best part is the plates store easily and you can add more when you want to play again.   Books That Rhyme   Here are 25 great books that rhyme . When reading these books with your kids take some time to play with the rhymes , not every single on but a few. Be silly and have fun. Do things like use a synonym in the place of a rhyming word in the familiar text. When your child corrects you explain that the word means the same thing. They will insit it’s still not right . Ask them why. Continue reading. Pretending not to know the answer and letting my kids answer for me always gets a good laugh and the lesson sticks as well. The post Find & Rhyme – Gross Motor Rhyming Game appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.