Writing: Preschool

Your child will develop writing skills in Preschool. Discover ways you can help the learning continue outside the classroom.
By Shira Ackerman, MA
Jan 24, 2013
Writing: Preschool

Jan 24, 2013

Many of preschoolers’ early writing skills are developed through the various arts and crafts projects they do throughout the day.  As preschoolers paint, draw, cut, stick, and glue, they build strength in their hands and develop their fine motor skills, gaining the strength and skills required to hold and use pens and pencils. And, of course, the reading that your preschooler does is directly connected to developing her writing and literacy skills.

In order to build writing skills, your preschooler:

  • Draws, paints, cuts, and glues, developing fine motor skills.
  • Practices writing letters and names.

Writing Activities

  • Practice Writing Your Child’s Name in Creative Ways: Use sidewalk chalk, paints, a stick in the dirt, or write on a steamy window.
  • Arts and Crafts: The more your child draws, glues and paints, the stronger his hands will be. Preschoolers love to glue and cut anything from googly eyes and shapes to pictures from magazines.
  • Write Letters and Cards: Your child can help you write a letter or card to someone. She can decorate it and help you decide what to write. She can even hold your hand as you write some of the words (particularly, her name) or add her own “note” or picture to a card you write.
  • Cut things!: Guide your child in cutting out different shapes from paper, felt or another materiel. He can also cut objects such as plastic straws or lines on wrapping paper. The cutting doesn’t have to be perfect — it’s just exercise for his hand!