Math: Preschool

Learn that basic math concepts your child is learning in Preschool and fun activities that can help foster learning at home.

By Shira Ackerman, MA
Jan 24, 2013
Math: Preschool

Jan 24, 2013

Daily preschool math activities include learning numbers, practicing counting, creating and learning shapes, and working with calendars. In addition, playing with puzzles, building toys, blocks, and games helps preschoolers practice and build math skills as they count, manipulate objects, and work with different shapes, spaces, and sizes. 

In order to build math skills, your preschooler:

  • Counts.
  • Learns what a number is.
  • Learns about, finds, and forms shapes and patterns.
  • Measures.
  • Sorts, categorizes and compares objects.

Math Activities

  • Count in a Fun and Active Way: Count steps as you climb them, count as your child jumps, or count objects as you buy them in a store.
  • Play with Shapes and Patterns: Use blocks, straws, sticks, and other objects to make shapes and create patterns.
  • Sorting Races: Ask kids to sort different shapes and colors as fast as they can.
  • I Spy:  Play “I Spy” with shapes and colors. For example say “I spy a circle,” or “I spy something red.”
  • Shape Collages: Make collages or books of objects that are different shapes and colors.
  • Number Books: Make your own counting book. Each page can have a number and that quantity of objects. Use drawings, photographs, magazine clippings, or actual objects (buttons, small toys, etc.).
  • Play with Your Food!: Make different shapes out of food such as sandwiches, cut up vegetables, noodles, and pizza dough. Alternatively, cut pizza dough or tortillas into different shapes of pizza.