Introduction to This Guide

Jan 23, 2013
Multi-ethnic elementary students in class

Jan 23, 2013

Introduction to this guide and how to learn more:

  • This is a grade by grade guide which describes the curriculum for each subject (reading, writing, math, science and social studies), as well as supplemental activities you can do at home with your child to support these subjects.
  • Every school and class differs. Consult your child’s school and teachers for more details regarding the specifics your child is learning.
  • For further details on the information in this guide and for additional resources, consult your state standards as well as the Common Core Standards for reading, writing and math at the following website:
  • There is no “normal” and no one level at or way kids should learn. All kids vary in their abilities. Look to your kids’ teachers, school staff, and health care providers for concerns specifically related to your own child, and his progress. This guide serves mainly as a general outline of curricular goals and topics.
  • Read the guides for the grades below and above your child’s grade since many of the grades overlap in their curricula and the activities to be done at home apply across a range of grades.