Home Library Builder For 8-10: Great Job!

Dec 15, 2012



Teacher and girl reading book in library

Dec 15, 2012

Great job! You're right on target for building the best home library for your 8- to 10-year old child. Here's why you're doing a great job, as well as some recommended resources for book titles and more.

1. How many books are in your child’s library?

Best answer: More than 25 -- that’s great!  This is the age of the reading “spurt,” when children start reading on their own.  It’s important to have a great variety of books in your home library to take advantage of your child’s interest in reading.  Try some of these parent favorites.

2.  What percentage of non-fiction books are in your child’s library?

Best answer: Children should be reading about 50% fiction and about 50% non-fiction during their leisure reading. Education expert Lauren Tarshis takes readers through the morning of September 11, 2001, in I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001 from her I Survived series—a story full of teachable moments and historical touchstones. Looking for some more titles for your kid? Try perusing some of these lists: space adventures, books about rain, art and artists, basketball books, and much more.

3. What percentage of chapter books is in your child’s library?

Best answer: 30%-50%. Children are really ready to read chapter books at this age.  These books emphasize prose over pictures, and help children develop fluency in reading. R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps Most Wanted chapter book series will keep kids “frightfully” entertained as they laugh and scream their way through each book. Your child is sure to love some of these timeless chapter books.

4. How many classics should be included in my child’s library?

Best answer: You should have 5-10 classics in your child’s library. These are wonderful, traditional books that children will remember throughout their lives.  Books like The Velveteen Rabbit, and Charlotte’s Web are special additions to the library.

5. How many magazines should be included in my child’s library?

Best answer: You should have more than 5.  Magazines provide lots of current information, and draw children to book reading.

6. How many eBooks do you have in your child’s library?

Best answer: You should have more than 5 eBooks in your child’s library. eBooks are increasingly popular among children at this age.  Children love the touch-and-drag features, the vivid illustrations, and the ability to read text up, down, and all around. 

7. How many picture books should be included in my child’s library?

Best answer: 5-10 picture books is a good number. Your child’s increasing maturity will mean that you can connect with books together at a much deeper level.  This may be the time to tackle some more challenging picture book read-alouds.

8. How frequently should I refresh my child’s library?

Best answer: It’s a good idea to review your child’s library every month and cycle new books along with old favorites.  Your child will continue to be interested in the library when he or she can choose among a number of new selections.

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