Home Library Builder For 11-13: Great Job!

Dec 15, 2012



Little girl reading on library floor

Dec 15, 2012

Great job! You're right on target for building the best home library for your 11- to 13-year old child. Here's why you're doing a great job, as well as some recommended resources for book titles and more.


1. How many books are in your child’s library?

Best answer:  d.  More than 50 is great!  This is the age when children use books to learn, and they are often fascinated with many different topics.  Having books in a variety of topics sends a message that reading is important. Your tween is sure to love some of these books


2.  What percentage of non-fiction books does your child have?

Best answer: More than 60% -- you are on the right track for non-fiction.  Information books will increasingly become an important focus in reading.  Here are some great non-fiction books that should interest your child and motivate him or her to read more. 


3. How many textbooks should I include in my child’s library? 

Best answer: Zero. Textbooks are used in school and homework activities.  However, students will find it much more interesting to read information books on a similar topic when they’re outside of the classroom.


4. How many series books should I include in my child’s library?

Best answer: 1-2 -- that’s great!  A book series or two adds an important dimension to your child’s library. Your tween is sure to love some – or all – of these series.


5. What percentage of fiction books should I include in my child’s library?

Best answer: 26%-50% of your child’s books should be works of fiction.  Students love science fiction and fantasy books at this age, including these great titles


6. How many classics are in my child’s library?

Best answer: There are some memorable classics that will continue to be enjoyed by your child, and you should have 5-10 of these in your home library.  These favorites by Roald Dahl are sure to please your child. 


7. How many eBooks do you have in your child’s library?

Best answer: You should target more than 5 eBooks in your home library. The sky’s the limit at the point, since your child will love to read eBooks at this age.  


8. How often should I refresh my child’s library?

Best answer: Your child will stay interested in reading if you refresh the library with interesting new books on a monthly basis.

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