3 Sensory Activities Even Better Than Slime

These kits will build your child’s skills while serving up a ton of fun.
Mar 09, 2020



3 Sensory Activities Even Better Than Slime

Mar 09, 2020

Sensory play is beloved by educators because it involves a child using their senses like touch, sight, and smell to play and learn. This, in turn, helps them build a wide range of cognitive skills. 

For instance, sensory play can bolster observation and fine motor skills, and is the foundation for sorting and categorizing (important for STEM subjects like math). 

But often, it’s presented as something that requires goo, slime, or tiny beads scattered over (and under) your kitchen table. There’s an easier option! These three sensory-based Klutz activity kits will help your child learn essential skills, all while being a breeze to clean up. Each one comes with a helpful book that also encourages reading and instruction-following. 

1. Klutz Jr.: My Clothespin Zoo: Little crafters will use fuzzy pom-poms, decorative cut-outs, and colorful clothespins to create monkeys, tigers, pandas, and more! This is a great kit for developing fine motor skills. 

2. Klutz Jr.: My Squishy Soap Dough: Your child will have the chance to make their very own soap dough out of glycerin and soap powder (just mix the two together!). Next, they’ll add on water-safe body parts and googly eyes to shape colorful new friends.
3. Klutz Mini Grocery Store: Sensory play isn’t just for toddlers! With this kit, growing crafters ages 6 and up will roll, flatten, squish, and shape colorful air-dry clay to make adorable grocery store items — from lettuce to milk. This helps them learn about shapes and categorizing, all while they advance their dexterity.  
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