Editors’ Pick: Klutz Jr. for Early Learning Skills

Set your early learner up for academic success by building their creative thinking, imagination, and fine motor skills.

Jun 22, 2020



Editors’ Pick: Klutz Jr. for Early Learning Skills

Jun 22, 2020

Playtime is precious in that it sets the foundation for key developmental milestones — all while allowing kids to simply have fun. 

The best tool for learning through play is a Klutz Jr. activity kit! These innovative kits help your child advance key early learning skills through fun activities, which feature both guided instructions and open-ended play. 

These projects are also ideal for keeping kids ages 4 to 8 engaged with learning at home, and helping them achieve a sense of accomplishment (and confidence as a result!). 

Each Klutz Jr. kit comes with its very own colorful book, and promotes both creative and critical thinking. These kits tend to involve building, working with shapes, and using art supplies, all of which support your child’s early learning skills such as fine motor skills. Having a strong command of these skills will help your child thrive in kindergarten and beyond. 

What’s more, these kits feature themes kids go wild for (think superheroes and fuzzy sloths!), bright colors, and tons of fun trivia perfect for keeping your little one engaged.   

Klutz Jr. activity kits are a great way to promote out-of-the-box thinking and craft priceless memories. Just take, for instance, these kits: 

  • Klutz Jr.: My Dino Finger Puppets is a creative, mess-free project that builds your child’s shape-recognition skills as they build unique dinosaurs. It comes with an instruction book that includes fun facts about dinosaurs, and after your kid is done crafting their prehistoric pet, they can let their imagination soar by playing with their new toy. 
  • Klutz Jr.: My Fairy Wish Kit gives your little learners the opportunity to greet tiny magical fairy friends! This book activity kit helps them decorate a fairy door, dress up a special fairy doll, craft a wand, and explore a book with ten projects and special instructions on how to summon a fairy visit while they're sleeping.
  • Klutz Jr.: My Simple Sewing sharpens fine motor skills in a fun way. With pre-cut and pre-punched felt, children can create three cute projects that teach them how to sew — a pizza pouch, a cookie keychain, and a cupcake plushy!
  • Klutz Jr.: My Hand Art helps your child brainstorm and draw one-of-a-kind animals and objects from the shape of their very own hand! Kids will have the chance to create funny figures by implementing googly eyes and colorful pom-poms. This project motivates abstract thinking (the ability to think about things that are not physically present), which helps with reasoning skills and subjects like math, science, and social studies.   

Shop crafty and creative Klutz Jr. kits below now! You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store.

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