Kickstart 2021 With Klutz Crafts!

Here are the benefits of these creative crafting kits for both kids and parents.
Jan 01, 2021



Jan 01, 2021

Craft your best year yet! As 2021 begins, Klutz crafts can help you fill each day with creativity and fun for your child — all while improving their reading and STEM skills. 

Every Klutz kit includes a unique craft that engages kids, all while teaching them fun lessons about a variety of topics. It’s not just arts and crafts: Klutz crafts come with crystal-clear instruction books that are packed with color, interesting facts, and child-friendly guides that boost reading comprehension skills and teach kids how to follow directions.

In the Klutz line, you’ll find engaging kits such as Klutz: Sew Your Own Unicorn Slippers, which infuses classic bunny slippers with unicorn magic! Kids will learn how to sew a stitch as they fine-tune their fine motor abilities, learning practical skills they can use throughout their lives.  

Your child will also learn exciting STEM facts in kits like Klutz: DIY Rainbow Catcher, in which they can craft their very own colorful world and learn about the science of sunlight, prisms, and weather.  

For kids, these activity kits are a great way to fill after-class time with learning and fun — even on days when you’re stuck indoors! Plus, as a parent, you’ll love that these kits keep them entertained and thinking for hours. 

Hands-on learning is one of the best ways to teach key skills that kids need to be successful. Klutz activity kits provide an endless supply of these learning opportunities for every child. 

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