4 Klutz Activities That Keep Kids Learning After Class

Keep kids excited about learning and reading with these skill-boosting kits.
Sep 28, 2020



4 Klutz Activities That Keep Kids Learning After Class

Sep 28, 2020

Kids love to play, and you love when they learn — which makes Klutz activity kits a win all around! These four STEM kits, in particular, will keep kids engaged and support what they’re learning in class this school year. 

Each of these kits come with their own book to advance kids’ literacy skills through play. With Klutz kits, kids stretch their creativity and improve their ability to problem solve and follow directions.

Klutz: LEGO Gear Bots

Your child will feel accomplished when they build a toy that can actually move like a machine with Klutz: LEGO Gear Bots! With 62 LEGO elements that create eight STEM models, this activity allows kids to build characters with real working motors — and then watch their creation come to life by turning the crank at the side.  

This kit satisfies kids’ curiosity about how things like machines work. They can watch the gears move as they crank the handle, providing a cause-and-effect reaction that helps them understand the moving parts of an engine.

Klutz: Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry

Kids can take jewelry making up a notch by growing their very own jewels and then wearing their creations with Klutz: Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry. First, they’ll conduct science experiments by combining crystal powder and solution to create mini starter crystals — and then watch in awe as they grow.

After they have their gorgeous jewels in hand, your child will use the dye tablets to color the crystals. Next, they’ll string together necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. They’ll have to plan their pattern, string it themselves, and then add clasps to make it wearable.

Starting with powder and ending with a wearable piece of art — and knowing they planned it every step of the way! — will give kids a sense of mastery while allowing them to express their creative side.

Klutz Jr.: My First Rock & Gem Collection

Collecting rocks teaches kids important sorting skills using colors, shapes, and sizes. The Klutz Jr.: My First Rock & Gem Collection is suitable for kids ages 4 and up, and comes with eight polished rocks such as beautiful rose quartz and purple amethyst.

The included dig kit allows your child to use a chisel and brush to uncover a hidden rock surprise. After that, send them outside to find rocks in your backyard or at the park. (Challenge them to find big, small, rough, and smooth samples!) Bring the rocks home, wash them off, and let your child use the paint and googly eyes included in the kit to transform them into special keepsakes.

Klutz: DIY Rainbow Catcher

Kids can now create a rainbow in their own room! The Klutz: DIY Rainbow Catcher activity kit lets them see vivid rainbows inside whenever they want because they’ll be making them (and learning about science along the way).

Your child will be tasked with building a gearbox, attaching a battery pack, hanging crystals, and securing everything to a window. When the batteries are turned on, they’ll get the dazzling delight of rainbows around the room. 

The kit teaches kids the important skill of troubleshooting as they learn how to reposition their catcher so it hits the light just right.

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