10 Best Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Meal Prep

They'll be learning while the grown-ups are preparing a feast.

By Kelsey Kloss
Nov 11, 2019



10 Best Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Meal Prep

Nov 11, 2019

On any given holiday, you have approximately 1,000 things to do before dinner. Shuck the corn! Roast the meat! Make Aunt Rita feel at home! 

Meanwhile, your kids have decided this is the perfect time to build a fort next to the fridge or declare war over who will taste-test the apple pie first. (Answer: Nobody! It’s for after dinner, ok?) You could theoretically plop them in front of a screen, but you want them to have special holiday memories, too, and to get something out of that time. 

That’s why we love these 10 Klutz activity kits that will keep your kids engaged, learning, and out of your hair while the grown-ups in the house are busy prepping a holiday feast. Each kit comes with a book that sharpens reading skills, and the activities are designed to kickstart critical thinking, creativity, and STEAM skills through independent play. 

Browse below to find activity kits your kids will love, or take a few to your sister's or brother's house if you’re cooking there. Trust us, you’ll save the day when all of the kids in the family get restless.

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