7 Screen-Free Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Help your child advance a wide range of early STEAM skills while staying busy indoors.
Feb 19, 2020



7 Screen-Free Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Feb 19, 2020

Looking for indoor activities for curious preschoolers that don't involve the iPad or TV? One great screen-free solution is to give your child a Klutz kit that combines early reading with an interactive craft. 

Each of these Klutz activity kits come with a book that helps growing kids hone their ability to follow instructions and solve problems. They also teach a variety of valuable skills like science, math, and creativity. This is a great way to prepare them for the tasks they’ll be expected to do in kindergarten

Shop these kits to help with cabin fever. You can find all Klutz kits at The Scholastic Store.

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