5 Easy Activities Kids of All Ages Can Share

These crafts are designed for a wide range of skill levels, so siblings can play together for hours — giving you a little more time to do the things you want.
By Ashley Austrew
Jun 13, 2019



klutz activities for kids

Jun 13, 2019

Mom, I’m booored. Those three, drawn-out words are too often the catchphrase for our kids over the summer. But if you’re like many parents, you have more than one child, and you know it’s not always easy to find an activity that works for everyone (younger siblings get frustrated, older siblings start yawning... sound familiar?).

Luckily, these captivating activity kits are equally fun for younger and older kids, and they don’t break the bank. In fact, your kids can make so many crafts from these boxed activities that they won’t be tempted to fight over the end result — and you'll get hours of peaceful “mom” time while they craft and play.

Klutz Jr: My Pom-Pom Pet Shop (Great for PreK to 5th grade; rated ages 4+ for independent play)

For $15, your kids can make a total of 10 pets.

Something we moms know to be true: Kids of all ages love fuzzy things. It’s why this kit is perfect for all of your kids — preschoolers as young as four can easily tackle it on their own, but the cutness factor also makes it great for older animal lovers (who may be able to make a few at a time). The kit includes over 30 pom-poms, 70 paper punchouts, and glue to craft puppies, kittens, frogs, and more. Kids can even build the included pet carrier to cart their new friends everywhere they go, meaning clean-up from the kitchen table is taken care of for you.


Klutz: Mini Bake Shop (Great for kindergarten to middle school; rated ages 6+ for independent play)

For $22, your kids get eight colors of air-dry clay, more than 100 decorations, and much more.

Miniatures are uber-popular with kids right now, and the bite-sized clay cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and pie slices that can be made from this award-winning kit are a delightful treat for crafters of all ages. It comes with eight different colors of easy air-dry clay, 99 punch-out decorations, eight styrofoam molds, microbead sprinkles, sticker eyes, sequins, tiny cupcake wrappers, and a small bakery box and cake stand to show off completed creations. Most of the miniatures are created by rolling small balls and snakes with the clay, so younger children can manage with a little help, while older kids can unleash their creativity to make elaborate clay cakes iced with intricate flowers. 


Klutz: Make Paper Lantern Animals (Great for 1st grade to high school; rated ages 7+ for independent play)

For $20, your kids can choose from 21 designs and make 6 awe-worthy lanterns.

Transform paper lanterns into tigers, penguins, bunnies, deer, and more with this cute kit. It comes with everything a kid needs to craft six lanterns (that’s less than $3.50 a lantern!). One way to do this: Ask older kids to handle the cutting, while their younger siblings tackle the glue. Once they’re finished, kids of all ages will love hanging their new decor in their bedrooms or in a playroom to show it off — giving your fridge a little extra room for coloring sheets and grocery lists.


Klutz: Make Your Own Mini Erasers (Great for 1st grade to middle school; rated ages 8+ for independent play)

For $22, your kids can choose from 35 eraser designs and eight colors of eraser clay.

Kids can never have too many erasers (ahem, math homework) — and this kit helps them restock in a creative way! It comes with eight different colors of eraser clay and two sheets of design paper to help kids create custom erasers that look like everything from mini cheeseburgers to sloths to tiny gnomes. Once the eraser clay is done baking, kids can use the squishy results to add flair to ordinary pencils. They might even play with them like little toys: One of the included design ideas is a miniature bowling set that can double as a game. This is a great craft if you have a mix of elementary schoolers and teens, because the younger kids can tackle larger shapes like puppies, and older ones can craft more intricate erasers shaped like sushi or macarons. 


Klutz: Make Your Own Soap Jellies (Great for 1st grade to high school; rated ages 8+ for independent play)

For $22, your kids can make a total of 12 soap jellies and get three bath poufs.

Soap jelly, defined: A squishy, sudsy bath accessory that’ll get the kids excited about lathering up. This kit comes with everything kids need to make 12 brightly colored jellies, including a custom mold with cool shapes like a cactus, turtle, butterfly, owl, and more. Once the scented shapes are formed, they can pop them into one of three included bath poufs to use in the shower or bath. Elementary schoolers will love crafting these, and so will their older teen siblings — especially when it comes to sharing the glittery, colorful creations on Snapchat!

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