10 Activities to Nurture a Child’s Interest in Science

These STEAM kits will build their skills and help their passion for learning grow.
Feb 12, 2020



10 Activities to Nurture a Child’s Interest in Science

Feb 12, 2020

It’s exciting to hear questions like “Why does Saturn have rings?” and “What are crystals made of?” from your inquisitive child. It’s important to foster that interest in science — after all, it's the “s” in STEAM skills, which are important for academic success. 

Each of these Klutz kits include a fun activity and an informative book to teach your child basic science concepts like chemistry, geology, and even electricity in a safe, engaging way. 

By helping your child go from asking questions to actually performing experiments, you'll bolster their success in science classes and pave the way for a lifelong passion of understanding how things work. These kits also improve kids' skills in following instructions and solving problems. 

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