Coloring Quote Printables to Spark Your Child's Creativity

Use these three worksheet printables — inspired by classic quotes — to spark your child's imagination through drawing and writing.

Jul 05, 2017



These creative printables are a creative way to encourage your child to share his feelings, ideas, and perspectices. 

For each quote, there is a drawing prompt. For instance, after your child reads the first quotation — "Sometimes you have to be your own superhero" — encourage her to draw herself as a superhero, identifying her super powers. For a quote about adventures, encourage your little one to draw a place where she'd like to go on an adventure.

Print out the pages, then supply markers, crayons, or colored pencils, so your child can get busy coloring and creating. 

Reading & Writing Printables
Age 9
Age 8
Age 7
Age 6
Age 10
Creative Writing
Growing Up
Gratitude and Thanks
Superheroes and Action Figures
Arts and Crafts