Road Trip Bingo

Create your own bingo cards to pass the hours on the road.



Road Trip Bingo

Keep kids occupied and using their observational skills with these DIY bingo cards. 

What you need: 

  • posterboard 
  • scissors (adult and child-safe) 
  • ruler 
  • crayons and/or markers 
  • magazines 
  • glue 
  • sticky notes

What to do:

  1. Prepare bingo cards by cutting the posterboard into 9" x 9" squares. Use a ruler and marker to divide the each card into a grid of nine squares. 
  2. Work with your child to draw pictures of things you might see on your trip such as signs, vehicles, and other highway sights. They could also be what you expect to see at your destination, such as landmarks, buildings, or even extended family members. 
  3. Instead of, or even in addition to, drawing pictures, use child-safe scissors to cut out pictures from magazines or travel brochures to glue onto your cards. 
  4. In the car, use sticky notes as markers so that you can reuse the cards (and the markers). 
  5. Kids of varying ages (including you!) can race to see who can make a line on their card first or who can fill up their card the fastest.
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