Write to a Writer

Encourage direct communication between your child and her favorite authors.
By Amy Kraft



Mother And Daughter Using Laptop At Home

The Internet and social media have made writers more accessible than ever before. Use your web savvy and writing skills to help your child write a letter to her favorite author. Many authors will even write back!

1. Find a way to connect to the author. A simple Google search will likely turn up your child’s favorite writer’s website, often with contact information readily available. Other writers can be contacted through Facebook or Twitter.

2. Next comes the hard part: write an interesting letter or email.

  • Who are you? Have your child tell the author a little something about himself.
  • Why are you a fan? Describing favorite books or ways in which the author has inspired your child are good ways to get started. Is there a character that she particularly connected with? Or part of the story that got her thinking? The author would surely like to know.
  • What do you want to know? Your child should ask the author questions he’d really like answered. Interesting questions may help his chance of getting a reply.

3. Be sure your child signs the letter or email and includes a way of responding. If sending a letter, a self-addressed stamped envelope will further encourage a reply.

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