Roll & Read Story Box

Write a story and make a moving picture book to display it.

By Risa Young



What you need:

  • four paper-towel tubes 
  • one narrow cardboard box 
  • roll of brown paper 
  • washable paint, markers, glue, and masking tape 
  • adult-size scissors and utility knife 
  • child safety scissors 
  • ruler 
  • old magazines 

What to do:

  1. First you and your child can create the "case" for his moving picture book. Make holes on each side of the cardboard box about 4 inches from the top and large enough for paper-towel tubes to fit through. Fit one tube through each hole. (If the box is wider than the tube is long, attach two tubes together with masking tape.) Leave about 1 1/2 inches of the tube protruding from either side of the box.
  2. Remove the bottom tube and help your child measure the brown paper so it fits the width of the tube. Cut a long strip of paper and fold it like an accordion. Make each fold large enough to be a story frame. 
  3. Encourage your child to illustrate a story using art materials or magazine cutouts. He can write captions at the bottom of each frame or dictate his words to you.
  4. Open up the accordion and tape the end of the story to the bottom paper tube. Ask your child to carefully turn the end of the tube and roll up the story. Tape the top of the story to the top tube. Now your child is ready to roll and read! 
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