Read All About It

Help your child to make his very own daily newspaper.
By Risa Young



Read All About It

What you need:

  • newspaper
  • art supplies

What to do:

  1. Look at a newspaper with your child. Talk about the different sections, such as sports, weather, and entertainment. Point out how headlines look different from articles. Find one or two articles and pictures that interest her and read or summarize the articles.
  2. Invite her to be a newspaper reporter. Ask her to create a newspaper about important events in her life. Suggest that she think of a name for her newspaper, such as "Lena's Daily News."
  3. She can write about special things that she did at school or home, a family event, a birthday party, or her gymnastics class.
  4. Encourage her to add a page each day.
  5. Photocopy the paper so your child can distribute it to other family members and friends.
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