Letter Labels

Turn a tour of your home into an easy alphabet lesson.




What you need:

  • Index cards 
  • Markers or crayons 
  • Tape 
  • Paper (as large as possible)

What to do:

  1. Help your child write the letters of the alphabet (in upper- or lowercase) in index cards, putting one letter on each card.
  2. Pick a room in your home to start with — the living room, kitchen, or bedroom work well. Walk around the room, and name the starting letter for furniture and objects in the room: "'Couch' begins with the letter C. 'Table' begins with the letter T." 
  3. Invite your child to find that letter and to place or tape the index card onto the item. If multiple objects begin with the same letter (such as couch and chair), create additional cards. 
  4. To extend the activity, create a large bar graph to show how many objects began with certain letters. At the bottom of the graph, write the relevant letters. Then, create a bar showing how many objects began with each letter. Which letters were used the most often?
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