Brain Boosters

Give your mind a workout with these writing prompts.



What you need: 

  • pen 
  • paper

What to do: 
Put your head together with your child and answer these questions:

  1. If dogs had a country all to themselves, what would be the words to their national anthem?
  2. Do you know the details surrounding the invention of the ice cream sundae? Neither do we. But don't let that stop you: write a one-page play about this very important moment in history.
  3. Come up with ten new uses for popcorn (other than eating it).
  4. Give three absolutely ridiculous, laughably false explanations for the sky being blue.
  5. Some people still believe that the earth is flat! Whether or not you agree with this theory, come up with as much evidence as you can to support it.
  6. The items in your refrigerator have gone on strike and posted a list of demands (right next to the mustard). What are their demands?
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