Play I Spy

Can you solve our riddles and find the hidden objects?
Nov 28, 2012



Go to: 

Additional supplies you will need:

  • paper 
  • crayons or markers 
  • collage materials 


What to do:

  1. Log on to I Spy, in the Kids Fun Online area of
  2. Choose one of our I Spy games, such as The View From Duck Pond InnThe Library; or I Spy City. (Younger brothers and sisters might enjoy Oops Hoops, a classification game.) 
  3. To play the games, look for the objects in the riddle and click on them when you spy them. Teamwork helps! You can also click to hear the riddle spoken, and zoom in on various areas of the picture.
  4. As an extension, create your own I Spy riddle and picture. You can draw it, use collage materials, or even create a diorama. You can also find other I Spy-related activities in our parents guide.


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