Hide Activities & Ideas in Balloons to Delight Your Little One

The whole family will love the unexpected fun of this activity.




Here's a solution to "I'm bored!" As a family, brainstorm ideas for activities — then write them on pieces of paper and slip them inside balloons. Pop! You'll be ready to explore, play, or do whatever idea is listed on the paper inside the balloon. 

What you need:

  • Balloons
  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pen

What to do:

  1. Ask your child to think up a dozen or so fun activities (read a book outside, have a popsicle, blow bubbles, go for a walk...). Write each activity on a separate piece of paper.
  2. Put the written surprises in the balloons (one per balloon). Blow them up for your child, and hang them around the kitchen or family room. (Be sure to keep balloons away from younger children, as they pose a choking hazard.)
  3. Each day, pick one balloon to pop and do the activity. Be sure to allot enough time!
  4. Alternatively, play a game and try to keep the balloon up in the air, while passing it back and forth. The winner keeps the balloon aloft the longest, then gets to pop it. 
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