License Plate Bingo

Help your child learn about the 50 states and get relief from the backseat boredom.



What you need:

What to do:

  1. Decide how many game boards you'll need, and print them out. It's a good idea to have a few extra copies for mess-ups or more games!
  2. From the list of states at the bottom of the page, select 25 and write their names in the game board squares. No two game boards should be exactly alike.
  3. Next, determine which type of bingo you're going to play — diagonal, straight-line, or blackout (entire board).
  4. As you travel, each player looks out for license plates that correspond to the states they have written in on their boards. Call out the different state names as you spot them, and cross them off your board.
  5. The first player to complete their row (or board) has Bingo! Offer treats such as healthy treats or small toys as prizes.
  6. For extra fun and learning, once one player has Bingo, have them call off the states within their Bingo row and see who can name the capitols of those states or list any facts about those states.
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