Dancing With the Wind

Science springs to life when little ones move with the breeze.



Dancing With the Wind

What you need:

  • Paper streamers 
  • A windy day 

What to do:

  1. Wind Dancing: Take your child outside to feel the wind blow. Ask her to look around and observe different things that the wind blows, such as trees and branches, plants, a feather, grass, paper, or other light objects. Invite her to move like the trees blowing in the wind.
  2. Touching Wind: Invite your child to notice how the wind moves her hair or clothes. Which direction does the hair blow? Does everything move in the same direction? Have her lift her arms to feel the wind. Can she catch the wind as it blows? Can she change the wind? 
  3. Streamer Dance: Bring long paper streamers outdoors and attach them to a fence or pole. Take a moment to observe how the wind moves the streamers. What happens? Why do the streamers move? Invite your child to hold the streamers and to dance along with the wind. 
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