Cheetah, Cheetal

Enjoy this version of tag from India.



Cheetah, Cheetal

Place of Origin: India


Quickness, quick thinking, and large motor skills


5 and older


7 or more


Playing field
Chalk or cones to mark off boundaries

About the Game

For centuries, it has been said that Indian princesses trained cheetahs to hunt cheetals (a spotted deer). Although this game of tag got its name from these animals, the cheetahs are not the only ones doing the "hunting."

Playing the Game

  1. To make the playing field, draw or mark off two lines about 5 feet (1.5 meters) apart. On either side of these lines, pace off about 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) and mark off the areas. These are the baselines.
  2. Pick one person to be the Indian PRINCESS or PRINCE. Divide the rest of the players into two teams: CHEETAHS and CHEETALS.
  3. Have the CHEETAHS and CHEETALS line up, back to back. The PRINCE or PRINCESS stands at the top middle of both lines and calls out, "Chee-eee-ee. . ." "tah" or "tal" trying to surprise the groups.
  4. The team that's called must turn quickly and chase the other players to their baseline. Tagged players are out of the game.

Ending the Game
Play continues until all the players on one side are tagged.

Source: The Multicultural Game Book

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