Open Sesame!

Give your baby the power to make toys appear and disappear with this game of object peekaboo.



Open Sesame!

What you need:

  • Where's Spot? by Eric Hill 
  • Clean boxes with lids 
  • Small toys to fit inside the boxes 

What to do:

  1. Read Where's Spot? by Eric Hill. Show your baby how you lift the flaps to search for Spot. 
  2. Gather a collection of clean boxes that have attached lids, such as diaper-wipe boxes, baskets, cigar boxes, or plastic storage boxes.
  3. Invite your baby to try opening and closing the boxes.
  4. Encourage her to put toys (stuffed animals, blocks, or rattles) inside the box, and to take them out again. 
  5. You can also try leaving a surprise inside for baby. Babies and toddlers are naturally drawn to containers with lids and doors. Their curiosity leads them as they experiment with the concept of "object permanence": Will my toy still be here when I close the box, and then open it again? 
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