New Experiences

Try putting a twist on an everyday event to provide fun, new experiences.



New Experiences

What you need:

  • bead necklace 
  • umbrella 
  • laundry basket 
  • towel 
  • video camera (optional) 

What to do:

  1. Bead-dazzling
    Wear a set of sturdy, colorful beads the next time you change your baby's diaper. As you lean over, watch how he reaches out to touch and grab the beads. Enjoy the look of wonder on his face as you accomplish the task at hand. 
  2. Rainy-day Delight
    The next time there's a light, warm rain, dress your baby appropriately and carry her outside. Take a short walk together and listen to the rain falling on the umbrella. Hold out your hands and feel the rain on your skin, then encourage your baby to do the same. 
  3. Magic Carpet Ride
    Place a soft, clean towel inside a plastic laundry basket and set it down on a carpet. Gently lay your baby inside; if she's old enough to sit up, let her sit inside and hold onto the basket. Grasping the basket with both your hands, slowly and carefully drag it across the carpet. Your baby will delight in the movement of this gentle ride. 
  4. Who's That Girl?
    Set up your home video camera facing your baby. Use the TV as a monitor and show him how to watch himself on the screen as he waves hello or blows kisses. If you don't have a video camera, place a mirror in front of your baby and do the same thing. 
  5. Baby Spa
    Turn on the cold-water faucet in the sink and lift your baby high enough to see the water coming out. Making sure the water isn't rushing out too forcefully, place your baby's hands or feet under the tap. He will be enjoy how the flowing water feels on his skin. 
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