Music From Around the World

Explore culture and harmony with rhythm and tunes.

By Risa Young



Music From Around the World

What you need:

  • Music from various genres, such as Latin, African, calypso, reggae, bluegrass, country, soul, jazz, classical, or even polkas 
  • Child-size rhythm instruments 

What to do:

  1. Listen to some music. Encourage your child to describe the music. Is it fast or slow? Can she identify any of the instruments being played? If possible, show a photograph of the musicians or instruments.
  2. If there is a special dance you know, show your child some basic movements. Or, invite her to create her own movement. 
  3. Introduce the rhythm instruments so that she can play along.
  4. If your child likes to sing, record her. She'll love hearing herself on the recorder and will appreciate the memory later. 
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