Rock and Roll

As your baby pushes and moves objects around him, he learns about cause and effect.



Rock and Roll

What you need:

  • balls 
  • chunky trucks or cars with wheels 
  • plastic eggs 
  • other roly-poly toys (make sure they are not small enough to choke on) 

What to do:

  1. Let your baby sit on the floor with the toys around him. Watch how he plays with them. He may attempt to make them move by bumping and pushing them. You can push some yourself, to show him how to make them go. 
  2. By about 10 months, she may begin to roll or kick the toys to make them move, or even crawl after them. This is a great time to play with her, pushing the balls back and forth when she rolls them. 
  3. By 12 months, he will begin to feel powerful when he makes something go or roll on his own. Introduce new objects to keep him interested. 
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