Nature Vase

Dress up an ordinary jar with natural materials.



What you need:

  • twigs 
  • rubber bands 
  • jar 
  • twine or ribbon 
  • leaves 
  • glue

What to do:

  1. Invite your child to collect 15-20 long, straight twigs from the backyard or a nearby park. She can gather leaves of different sizes and shapes as well.
  2. Break the twigs so that they are about one inch longer than the jar.
  3. Wrap two rubber bands around the jar, approximately an inch from the top and bottom.
  4. Place the twigs around the jar, tucking them under the rubber bands. Then, slide the rubber bands together towards the middle of the jar.
  5. For added decoration, glue leaves onto the twigs (or tuck them under the twigs).
  6. To finish, take ribbon or twine and wrap it around the rubber bands. You may need to glue the ends in place.
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