Kitchen Science

Conduct experiments with your kids using the materials you have around the house.



What you need:

Website to explore:


  • Plastic film cannisters 
  • Hole punch 
  • Small objects with strong smells 
  • Modeling clay 
  • Roll of pennies 
  • Bucket filled with water 
  • Objects to test sinking and floating (nuts, soap, fruit, paper clips, jar lids)

What to do:

  1. Each of these activities from Scholastic's The Magic School Bus focuses on a different science concept. You can try all three activities in a "science afternoon" or do each one on a different day.
  2. In Baked in a Cake, your child will observe the chemical reactions that happen as she bakes pretzels.
  3. Next, explore your sense of smell in Makes a Stink. This experiment helps your child discover how odors travel from the source to our noses.
  4. Finally, try the two experiments in Ups and Downs. In these activities, your child will explore why objects sink and float and test properties of objects that make them act the way they do.
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