Hanging Bird Feeder

Recycle a plastic soda bottle and feed your family's feathered friends.
By Lynne Kepler



What you need:

  • Clean plastic one- or two-liter soda bottle with cap
  • Masking tape
  • String
  • Plastic lid (lightweight, such as those from a margarine tub; diameter should be larger than bottle bottom)
  • Birdseed
  • Knife (such as an X-Acto knife; for adult use only)

What to do:

  1. Prepare the bottle by cutting out two triangles. First punch three holes, in the shape of a triangle (about 1/2 inch apart), around the shoulder of the bottle. Use a knife to transform the holes into small triangles. (This should be done only by an adult!) This is where the seed will come out.
  2. Cover the triangular cutouts with masking tape. This will keep the birdseed from falling out until you put up the feeder.
  3. Punch two holes a quarter inch above the bottom of the bottle, on opposite sides. Thread a piece of string, about 20 inches long, through the two holes. Knot the ends.
  4. Trace around the cap of the bottle on the center of the lid. Cut out the outline to make a hole in the lid.
  5. Push the neck of the bottle through the opening in the lid. Make sure it is a snug fit.
  6. Screw the bottle cap on tightly. Use a funnel to pour birdseed into the bottle. While you're making the bird feeder, discuss how they help birds. (They help birds survive the winter, when there is less food.)
  7. When you hang the bird feeder outside, look for branches that will not be readily accessible to squirrels. Hang up the feeder and remove the masking tape.
  8. Observe the feeders often. You may even want to keep a written record of your observations.
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