Fill It Up

How much water does it take?



What you need:

  • empty containers in different shapes (yogurt cups, margarine tubs, pie tins, juice boxes with the tops removed, drinking cups) 
  • glass jar 
  • water 
  • masking tape 
  • markers

What to do:

  1. With your child, fill up a glass jar with water. Pour it out to get a sense of how much water fit into the jar.
  2. Next, ask your child to choose two (or three) containers that he thinks will fill up the jar with water without overflowing. 
  3. Try it! Fill the containers with water and pour them into the empty jar. Was there any water left over?
  4. Try this activity with different combinations of empty containers, or even using the same container more than once. What combination of containers comes as close as possible to filling up the jar without going over?
  5. This activity can also be used as a game between siblings. The winner is the child who chooses the containers that will fill up the jar with the least amount of water left over.
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