Deep Sea Diorama

If your child adores undersea life, help him create an ocean scene in a box.



What you need: 

  • paper and a printer (stiff paper works best, and colored paper is also great for this project) 
  • large shoe box 
  • glue 
  • crayons, markers, or colored pencils 
  • tape 
  • thread 
  • scissors 
  • optional: pipe cleaners, small seashells, pebbles or small stones, glitter, thin cardboard to use as a support for animals (old cereal boxes work well)

What to do:

  1. Ask your child to describe what his undersea world should look like, and then help him decorate the inside of the box to reflect his vision. Glue colored paper to line the inside of the box with marine colors. Glue shells, pebbles, and/or small stones to create the "ocean floor."
  2. Print out the sea life template from the link below, and have your child color in the creatures and plant life. Remind him that he can color them true-to-life, or fantastical (with crazy, fun colors).
  3. If the paper is flimsy, glue it to cardboard backing once your child has completed coloring. When the glue dries, cut out the shapes.
  4. Attach varying lengths of thread with tape to the backs of each creature. Then attach the creatures to the top of the box with tape.
  5. Attach plants and coral around the box to accent the scene, and voila! A splash of ocean fun, without the spills!

Printable template:

Learning benefits: 

  • Encourages creativity 
  • Labeled sea creatures help children learn about and identify sea life
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