Buggy for Magnets!

Get crafty, creepy, and crawly with magnets.



What you need: 

  • Colored sheets of craft foam 
  • Scissors 
  • Tacky glue 
  • Googly eyes (small) 
  • Small, heavy-duty magnet

What to do:

  1. Cut out different small shapes from the craft foam: circles, ovals, triangles, etc. Encourage your child to envision her favorite bugs and cut out more colored parts to create them (or you can cut out the shapes based on her descriptions). Use pictures from books or magazines as a guide. 
  2. Have fun placing all the parts together to create different bugs: dragonfly, ladybug, worm, etc. 
  3. Once you have pieced together a bug of your liking, attach all the parts with the tacky glue. 
  4. Attach googly eyes.
  5. Glue the magnet on the back of your bug. 
  6. Let dry completely. 
  7. Use on the refrigerator, file cabinets, or any magnetic surface that needs a bit of buggy fun!

Learning benefits: 

  • Supports fine-motor skills 
  • Encourages creativity
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