Bug Bait

Catch the critters that come out at night.



What you need:

  • grapefruit 
  • spoon

What to do:

  1. Prepare for this activity by cutting a grapefruit in half. Have your child use a spoon to scoop out the fleshy parts.
  2. Put the empty grapefruit halves face down in the backyard.
  3. Leave the grapefruit overnight. Encourage your child to predict what bugs she thinks might be there in the morning. Does she expect to see different bugs from the ones she sees during the day?
  4. In the morning, turn over the grapefruit halves. What kinds of bugs have come to taste the grapefruit? 
  5. If your child is interested, she can sketch the bugs. Later, she can use online or library resources to research the bugs. Did you capture any bugs that only come out at night?
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