King of the Castle

5 ways to make the perfect Father's Day gift.



King of the Castle

Father’s Day is coming. You and your court can make Pop feel like royalty with these sweet, simple suggestions:

  1. Designate a special “throne.” Put a cushion and a “King Dad” sign on a kitchen chair, or drape a pretty piece of fabric over the recliner (purple traditionally signifies royalty).
  2. Craft a crown to suit his style. If he’s a sports nut, have your kids decorate a blank baseball cap with fabric pens or paint. If he’s into cooking, use a chef’s hat.
  3. Play jester. Kids can dress up in silly costumes and tell jokes, perform comedy skits, or march around playing instruments.
  4. Do Dad’s bidding. Whatever he says goes.
  5. Design a coat of arms. Each royal family has one to represent its history and values. What’s important to you? Hang it proudly in the kitchen or on the front door.

Or find the perfect gift for Dad with this helpful list of affordable products:

  • The North Star by Peter Reynolds
    This feel-good story about self-discovery is a wonderful bedtime read and perfect for starting a new tradition. Each year on this special day, enjoy it together as a reminder to be true to yourselves and to follow your dreams.
  • Build-a-Book: Why I Love My Dad
    Make a memory book using this kit's markers and 3-D cutouts and your photos and drawings. Leave the last few pages blank so you can fill them in together! Klutz, $13. 
  • Things to Do With Dad by Chris Stevens
    Packed with cool games, fun projects, and activities that will make time together even more special, this book will give you loads of ideas for ways to enjoy Dad's day. 
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