Cheap Tricks for a Family Outing

Your crew doesn&t have to search high and low for affordable entertainment. Try these simple ideas you may be overlooking.

Nov 06, 2012



Family Enjoying a Museum Exhibit

Nov 06, 2012

Nothing beats together time with the family, but constant trips out of the house can get pricey. Check out these 6 simple, and inexpensive, ideas to have a fun-filled family day without breaking the bank.

  1. Make a movie. Help your kids put together a script based on a scene from a favorite book or let them make up their own story; then step into the director’s chair and film them in action.
  2. Enjoy local theater. Many community drama groups have active youth programs that perform regular shows at reasonable costs.
  3. Take a field trip. Firehouses are used to kids and families stopping by. Some stations have prescheduled tours and will accommodate small groups on short notice. Your local police precinct may also have opportunities for visits or tours.
  4. Check out nearby museums. Admission is minimal at many smaller ones that specialize in art, railroad or maritime history, and more. Let the kids take the lead in deciding what to see when they get there.
  5. Go geocaching. Older kids or the whole family can try this free outdoor treasure hunt that’s popular around the world. Visit
  6. Explore the library. There’s more to borrow than picture books. Look for books and music on CD or family-friendly DVDs to enjoy at home. You can also participate in book clubs, stop in for story time, or take advantage of author readings, writing workshops, and other special events.
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