Books for Celebrating Hanukkah

Share the spirit of Hanukkah with your child with these holiday reads and more.
By Shari Kaplan



Books for Celebrating Hanukkah

However you may choose to spell it, the eight-night "festival of lights" known as Hanukkah is a wintertime Jewish holiday that honors a miracle. Celebrate with your little ones by spinning a dreidel, singing songs, eating potato latkes, and of course, reading great books together. As you light the menorah each night, and share gifts and gelt with your family, capture the joyous spirit of the holiday for your early reader through these fun books for Hannukah and more — including the Dreidel, Dreidel Dreidel board book, How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah and I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel. Plus, check out how to construct paper dreidel and this cut-out menorah printable coloring page. Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Books and More

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