Follow the Tracks

Where do the footprints lead? Help your little one find out with this fun activity.



Follow the Tracks

What you need:

  • Paper or cardboard 
  • Scissors 
  • Clear contact paper (optional) 

What to do:

  1. Cut footprints out of paper or cardboard. These can be your own footprints, child-sized, or animal tracks. To make the prints last longer, you may want to cover them with contact paper. 
  2. Attach the prints to the floor, leading from one room into another. You might want to have them lead under a table or behind a piece of furniture.
  3. Show your child the prints and encourage her to follow them. New crawlers and walkers might enjoy this exercise. Even if your baby is not walking yet, you can carry her and point out where the prints are leading. 
  4. Place a special surprise, such as a favorite toy, at the end of the tracks.
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