Beach Ball Baby!

Big, round, and harmless, beach balls are perfect for baby play, indoors and out.



Beach Ball Baby!

What you need:

  • Inflatable beach ball 

What to do:

  1. Lay your baby on her stomach on top of a beach ball, holding her in place. Gently roll her back and forth. You can also change her position and lay her on her back. If she's brave enough, hold her hands while she slides down the side of the ball.
  2. Help your baby exercise her large muscles. While she sits across from you on the floor, gently roll a ball toward her so she has to stretch to reach it. Say to her, "Reach out. Get the ball." To extend this play activity, blow soap bubbles over her head and encourage her to reach up high.
  3. Sit on the ground with your baby and pull the beach ball toward you until you can hold it in place with your feet and knees. Hold your baby firmly at the waist and bounce her gently on top of the stationary ball.
  4. In a large, open area, roll the ball away from your baby and encourage her to crawl after it. Then get down on your hands and knees and have a crawling race with her.
  5. Your toddler will enjoy a tether ball game. Tie a string to a beach ball's air stem and hang it from a low tree branch so it is at your child's eye level. When your toddler hits the ball, watch her surprise when it swings back at her. As her coordination develops, so will her ability to swing the ball purposefully.
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