Wrap It Up!

Making gift wrap brings home the message of kindness.



Wrap It Up!

What you need:

  • Tempera paint 
  • Sponges, cut into shapes 
  • Newsprint paper 
  • Paper bags 

What to do:

  1. Read books to introduce the concepts of kindness and giving, such as Clifford's Good Deeds, by Norman Bridwell, and A Chair For My Mother, by Vera B. Williams. Explain that you will make wrapping paper to cover gifts your family will give to others. 
  2. Lay out the art materials and newsprint or paper bags.
  3. Invite your child to decorate the paper using the sponges dipped in paint. Explain that he can make patterns, free-form designs, or anything he can think of. Your child's handprints and footprints are great, too!
  4. Let the paper dry. Wrap a gift with the paper and decorate with a bow.
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