Tumbling Towers

Make paper-bag blocks for your baby to set up and knock down!



Tumbling Towers

What you need:

  • variety of brightly colored paper bags
  • glue or double-sided tape
  • newspaper
  • stickers 

What to do:

  1. To make the paper bag blocks, crumple up newspaper into balls and stuff them into the bags.
  2. Fold the tops of the bags down to the desired size and seal them closed with double-sided tape or glue.
  3. Decorate the sides of the bags with assorted stickers — numbers, letters, shapes, or any pretty decoration.
  4. Invite your baby to explore and play with the blocks. Show him how to stack them and then let him knock them down. The soft, squishy nature of the paper bag blocks will be irresistible and easy for your baby to manage.
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