Get many games in one with this easy-to-make felt beanbag.
Nov 06, 2012




Nov 06, 2012

What you need:

  • felt
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • scissors (child and adult)
  • filling for beanbags, such as Styrofoam "peanuts"

What to do:

  1. To create the game board, use a 24" square of felt. Measure in 7 1/2" from all sides and mark off. Glue ribbon to the felt to create a grid.

  2. Draw five X's and five O's (block style) on a large piece of felt and help your child cut them out.

  3. From a different-color piece of felt, cut out 10 squares, add filler, and sew shut. (Remember: your finished beanbags should be smaller than the game squares.)

  4. Glue the X's and O's to the tops of the beanbags.

  5. Your homemade tic-tac-toe board is now ready. Younger children can drop or place an X or O beanbag on the grid.

  6. Help them line up their beanbags to make tic-tac-toe. (Older children might want to try tossing their bags into place.)

  7. For variation, you and your child can cut numbers or letters out of felt.


For a math game: Place different numbers on the grid, aim beanbags, toss, and add points.  

For a literacy game: Choose nine letters (consonants and vowels) to place on the felt. Then toss beanbags on the letters until you have made a word. Write down the words. Who can make the most beanbag words?


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