Thirsty for More

Easy and inventive ways to make awesome items out of empty water bottles



Thirsty for More

As summer approaches, hydration is more important than ever — so drink up! But what to do with all of those empty water bottles rolling around the back seat? Try putting them to good use with one of these 6 simple crafts.

  1. Piggy bank: Decorate a 20-oz. bottle (or larger) with construction paper, glue or tape, and markers. Then fill with small coins.  Because the opening is a wide circle instead of a narrow slit like many traditional piggy banks, kids can easily get their change out when they're running for the ice cream truck.
  2. Flower vase: Decoupage a 20-oz. bottle with tissue paper — you can use a variety of colored tissue paper, or just white tissue paper and paint it once it's dry. When everything's dried, add some water and flowers and enjoy your living masterpiece.
  3. Stained "glass": Tape colored cellophane or plastic wrap around half-pint water bottles. A variety of colors works best, one per bottle. Then tie one end of an 18-inch string around the neck of each bottle, and tape the other end of each string to a sunny window. They'll glow with color in the bright light.
  4. Rainstorm "snow" globe: Put a quarter-cup of blue crayon shavings or blue and silver glitter into a 20-oz. water bottle. Fill the rest with water, seal tightly, and shake shake shake!
  5. Message in a bottle: Show your kids a way to send notes that's even more fun than texting. Write on a small piece of paper, roll it up tightly, slide it into a bottle, and twist the top back on. Kids will love leaving these messages all over the house for you and each other.
  6. Magnetic magic: Put paper clips, pins, tacks, and any metallic material into a large bottle. Add water, sand, or glitter, and screw the tip on tightly. Give your child a large magnet and show her how she can magically move the items inside the bottle.
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