Think Prints

Invite your child to explore patterns, colors, and textures through these easy activities.
By Risa Young



Think Prints

What you need:

  • washable finger paints
  • washable tempera paint
  • paintbrushes
  • blocks
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • old shoes
  • paper

What to do:

  1. Finger Paint Prints. Pour one or two colors of washable finger paint onto a tabletop tray. Invite your child to use his fingers to mix the colors and draw in the paint. Explain that he will make a print of his drawing. When he is finished mixing the colors, help him lay a sheet of paper on top of the painted surface. Press down gently, lift, and let dry. How is the paper print different from what the paint looked like in the tray?
  2. Block Prints. Make a block stamp. First, bend pipe stems into zigzags, swirls, lines, or other shapes. Then glue them onto the bottom of an old wooden block. Place washable tempera paint on some plastic plates or trays. Invite your child to dip the stamp into the paint and print onto the paper. She might enjoy making a repeating pattern — or just a fun hodgepodge!
  3. Shoe Prints. Roll out some mural paper. Give your child paintbrushes, washable paint, and a smock. Invite him to paint the bottom of an old pair of shoes — ideally some with an interesting pattern on the sole. Press the soles onto the paper. Try experimenting with several colors at a time.
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